Our Pest Control Services Include:

Residential Pest Control

Your home should be your haven and not a place filled with an infestation of ants, rodents, bed bugs or the unwanted stress brought on by any pest control problem.

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Commercial Pest Control

We eliminate and prevent insects and vermin from invading your commercial property in Lafayette and keep them away for good.

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Green Pest Control

Whether you require pest control and extermination services for your home or commercial space in Lafayette, C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control offers a range of guaranteed eco-friendly green pest control programs that are safe and completely chemical-free.

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The last thing anyone wants in their home, apartment, or workspace is pests. An inconvenience at best, usually disconcerting, and at times a health issue, dealing with pest problems must be done quickly and effectively, so they don’t ever come back.

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Dead Pest Removal and Sanitation

C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control is your source for prompt, dependable pest control and removal services. Regardless of the type or scale of your infestation, you can count on us.

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Mice Control

It’s common for mice and other rodents to seek shelter in our homes. Especially if it’s warm, dry, and there’s plenty of food. Unfortunately, mice can be quite a nuisance and may pose dangers to your health. If you have mice in your home, call the region’s leading rodent control expert—C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control.

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Black Widow Removal

If you’ve discovered black widows on your property, C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control can help you eliminate them safely. Often considered the most venomous spider in North America, black widows are best handled by trained professionals.

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Earwig Removal

If you’ve detected earwigs inside your home or business, C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control is the company to contact. Although these insects are relatively harmless, they can still be a real nuisance if they decide to make their home inside your property. We’re here to help you take steps to eliminate them once and for all.

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Flea Removal

A flea infestation in your home or business can be a real headache and cause significant discomfort to you and any pets or animals on the property. Fortunately, C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control is here to ensure that you and your pets don’t suffer. By familiarizing yourself with the signs of fleas and contacting our pest control company when you spot trouble, you can minimize the extent of the problem and put it behind you as quickly as possible.

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Wasp Control

They fly, they sting, and they can be aggressive. If you have a wasp nest on your property, we can help. C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control provides fast, effective, and safe wasp nest removal treatments to home and business owners throughout the region. We use specially designed protective equipment and commercial-grade tools, so wasps and hornets won’t stand a chance against us.

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Silverfish Extermination

Silverfish are some of the most common pests in the world, and they can be a real nuisance if they find their way into your property. Fortunately, getting rid of a silverfish infestation is easy when you contact the pest control experts at C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control. Our silverfish exterminators will eliminate all traces of these unwanted critters and provide you with tips to prevent them from returning.

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