Pest Damage Repair

If you've been struck by an unexpected infestation of pests, rapid pest removal isn't the only point of consideration. Long after your pests have gone, you may be dismayed that they have left their presence behind.

Fortunately, the professionals at C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control offer dependable repair and restoration services for both residential and commercial properties following pest damage. We can remove and replace insulation within attic and crawl spaces and remove any traces of your pest infestation.

You can depend on our team to provide you with a rapid return back to normal. To schedule a service appointment, or for a quote, contact us today at (925) 625-2888.

Dependable Repairs for Pest and Rodent Damage

We Service Both Residential and Commercial Properties

When pests get into your home or business, specifically rodents, they often move into spaces within walls. As a result, your existing insulation becomes damaged and deteriorated. From broken insulation all over your floors to ineffective heating and cooling, it is crucial to repair the damage quickly.

When your residential or commercial space has been damaged by the presence of pests, reach out to the professionals at C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control. We don't just offer extermination services. Our routine involves full-service insulation removal and replacement, as well.

Insulation Damage and Property Depreciation Solutions

Residential and Commercial Properties

Our pest control inventory includes the latest products and equipment for powerful, effective pest removal. We also have a full line of insulation products, including fiberglass, cellulose, and foam. We can expertly match your newly installed insulation to your existing products.

Our installation services use the best available tools and hardware, providing you with improved energy efficiency and results that last for years. We can also replace drywall and other furnishings of your space.

Damage Replacement Services for Homes and Business

We are proud to serve both homes and businesses in the area. When you choose us, you can expect prompt availabilities and outstanding rates. Our team also offers helpful and informative customer service. Whatever the pest problem you have been dealing with, you can trust us to serve you best.

If your pests are gone, but signs of their presence are remaining, simply contact us!

Pest Control and Damage Restoration

We have been providing outstanding pest control services for a number of years. We can tackle any infestation you are dealing with, including insects, rodents, and several others. Our team is proud to offer services to both homes and businesses.

We are fully licensed and bonded, and have completed numerous credentials and qualifications in addition to our years of experience. Our exterminators will remove all traces of pests from your interior.

Removing Signs of Your Infestation Once and For All

When you find yourself in need of repairs following a pest infestation, the name to know is C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control. We can eliminate any evidence that there ever was an infestation.

Our company has the experience, skills, and resources to provide the services you need, when you need them. To request an estimate, or to schedule a service appointment, contact us today. We look forward to serving you.

Please Contact Us To Schedule An Estimate

Please Contact Us To Schedule An Estimate!

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