Black Widow Removal

If you’ve discovered black widows on your property, C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control can help you eliminate them safely. Often considered the most venomous spider in North America, black widows are best handled by trained professionals.

If you want to be proactive after protecting yourself and your household, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the appearance of black widows. Then, you can phone us at (925) 625-2888 immediately if you suspect that you have an infestation.

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Professional Black Widow Pest Control

Stay Calm—C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control is Here

At C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control, we work hard to take the stress out of your pest situations. If you’ve discovered black widows on your property, it makes sense to be cautious and contact our trained professionals. We’ll take care of the extermination process and black widow nest removal, so you won’t have to worry about these invasive spiders returning anytime soon.

Knowing When to Contact a Black Widow Exterminator

Black Widow Appearance

By familiarizing yourself with the appearance of black widow spiders, you’ll be able to address your situation appropriately. Female black widows tend to be the most recognizable and are more dangerous than their male counterparts. Look out for their shiny black bodies with a red hourglass shape on the underside of the abdomen. Males are typically half the size of females and may be lighter in color with white and red spots underneath.

Signs of a Black Widow Infestation

  • Messy, irregular spider webs, typically near ground level
  • Silken egg sacs
  • Usually found in dark and secluded areas, such as wood piles, garages, basements, and closets

If you’ve spotted black widows anywhere on your property, we recommend contacting our pest control experts. With our certified extermination services, you can ensure that the people and pets on your property are safe from bites.

Dealing with a Black Widow Infestation

Female black widows will lay around 300 eggs at a time, which is why it’s essential to eliminate all traces of these spiders at once to avoid reproduction. Our black widow spider removal company puts our professional training and equipment to good use on every job, so you can relax when you hire us. We’re confident that we’ll be able to completely resolve your situation and help you prevent it from happening again anytime soon.

Residential and Commercial Black Widow Removal

Wherever black widows are found, C & T Rodent Control Exclusion & Pest Control is there to help. We proudly serve all types of properties, so you can feel secure when you reach our line looking for pest control. No matter where you’ve found black widows, whether inside your building or on your landscape, we’ll be happy to help you get rid of them as smoothly as possible.

Learn More About Black Widow Removal

If you need our help dealing with a black widow infestation, our team is always just a phone call away. Reach us anytime at (925) 625-2888 for a prompt and professional resolution to your pest problems. We look forward to helping your feel safe and comfortable on your property again.

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